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Authentic Taiwanese exquisite desserts

Sister and Brother Fu grew up in a family which has been farming for generations in the Feng Yuan District of Taichung, Taiwan. Using selected ingredients and traditional processes, they made soft taro balls and delicate herbal jelly desserts. They adhered strongly to the belief to serve customers the best tasting desserts and believed sincerity to be the key to customer's satisfaction.

  • Fresh

  • Natural

  • Heathful

Local Desserts Garnering International Fame

  • Meet Fresh was established in 2007 and has been offering the freshest desserts to customers ever since. Utilizing traditional Taiwanese methods and selection of the finest ingredients. We aim to bring authentic local tastes to the international stage.


    Brand Origin
  • Meet Fresh prioritizes serving healthy desserts without preservatives made fresh; daily. Meet Fresh strives to give customers delicious treats filled with traditional and authentic tastes.

    Brand Purpose
  • Insist on using only the highest-quality & natural ingredients
    Insist on tradition flavor
    Insist on food hygiene & safety
    Insist on cooking, preparing and selling desserts to customers daily

    Brand Concept

Taiwanese desserts Impressing the hearts of everyone worldwide

Insist on creating the best desserts including tasty Taro Q balls, refreshing herbal jelly,

smooth Tofu Pudding among others Combining traditional with modern tastes Made

with sincerity and hardwork Brining our craft and local taste to share with everyone worldwide

Full Mastery of Raw Food Materials Quality

“Meet Fresh” invested NT $600 million in constructing our Global headquarters; the central kitchen; to manufacture core ingredients supplying stores around the world. Since 2013, the first QS qualified central kitchen was established in Taicang, Mainland China. The production process is strictly controlled and distribution is conducted by a dedicated logistics team across China, ensuring a stable supply and reliable quality. 


International certification and safety guarantee

Meet Fresh Global Headquarters ; the Central kitchen; has achieved HACCP, FSSC22000 and ISO22000 certification. The central kitchen in Taicang, has achieved FSSC 22000. Adopting clean room operation standards, and high-quality commercial water purification system and automated packaging system, ensuring food safety and hygiene with stringent requirements from the manufacturing to packaging.

How to make exquisite Taiwanese desserts

100% natural and high standard ingredients 
  • The Finest Taro Delivered Daily
  • Peel And Clean
  • Shred
  • Simmer Over Low Heat
  • Mix with Starch
  • Knead Dough
  • Form and cut
  • Cooking Daily
  • Add Syrup And Sold Immediately
  • Deliciousness Is Served