Good Regulation
Easy to Operate

Brand Advantages

Global Management

Dedicated supervisors will monitor domestic and overseas stores with standardized management, making regular visits to all stores in the area.

International Food Safety Certification

The global headquarters has passed three major international food hygiene and safety certifications: ISO22000, FSSC22000 and HACCP.

Systematizing the Management System

Construct a standardized and systematic business model and quickly replicate and establish a market presence.

Create Differentiation

Keep abreast of the consuming trends in various countries, launch hot-selling products regularly, and create diversified strategic integrated marketing plan.

Brand Marketing

Professional marketing team for brand strategy, media campaigns, store promotion and graphic design.

Education and Training

A training program with instructors provides direction throughout the course of opening for business, three stages from basic education, practice to store internship.




Franchise Process

Application Form
Single store franchising or Master franchising will be determined according to each area/ country.
  • ASingle store franchising (only available in limited regions)
    • 1. Fill out “Application Form” Online
    • 2. Preliminary review of qualifications for franchise applicants
    • 3. After the initial review, the headquarters will contact you through a designated person.
  • BMaster Franchise or Franchise in U.S.A.
    • 1. Please fill out the “Application Form” online
    • 2. A dedicated person will contact you and provides the information required for review.
    • 3. Applicants will send back their information for preliminary review of qualifications.
    • 4. If the initial review is passed, a meeting/online meeting will be scheduled for a secondary review.
    • 5. After passing the review, a cooperation terms and conditions will be provided.
    • 6. Reach a consensus on the cooperation plan and draw up a draft agreement.
    • 7. Both parties sign the formal agreement.

Application Form

Something You Need to Know before Filling out the Application

1. Acknowledgment and acceptance of terms.
2. I’ve already read the “Franchise process”, and I am ready to complete the store application form.
3. This questionnaire is not a contract and does not have any binding effect on the rights and obligations of both parties. The information provided is considered confidential and will be securely managed within the company.
4. In order to expedite your store opening process, please make sure to fill in every form below and our dedicated person will attend to your needs as soon as possible.
5. For any franchise-related inquiries, you can call the franchise hotline: +886-800-800878.

Start Applying